Most of the cases and display stands I use are no longer available, so I looked through reviews of many items to choose these. I hope this gives you an idea of the wide variety of options available. To see more options, I suggest clicking on any of them and then searching for "Essential Oil Storage", "Nail Polish Display" or "Spice Rack".  You can add in terms such as metal, acrylic or wood. Although the price you pay remains the same, as an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission for suggesting items which helps offset my website cost.

Diffuser Stands:
Storage/Display (Magnetic/Fridge):
Storage/Display (Acrylic):
Storage/Display (Metal):
Storage/Display (Wood):
Travel/On-the-Go & Cases:

Some of my Oily Storage Solutions. The main one is three acrylic nail polish holders lined up in the back of a windowless room with a two tier stand in front for larger items.